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Friday, March 18, 2011

It Apparently Isn't the Economy, Stupid.

I haven't posted in a while.  There has been plenty going on in the world, but I have had more personal things to concern myself with.  Like how I am going to pay my rent next month.  When you are a single person who has been unemployed for over two years, with no regular source of income and family and friends who do not have the financial resources to help you, life can be pretty stressful.  No kidding.

So the GOP has been in charge in the House for about 3 months and I have yet to hear of any bills introduced by them to create jobs.  I heard they may have talked about it once.  I would guess Boehner has probably cried about it.  Apparently defunding NPR and making the IRS into the abortion police is a more pressing need in this country.  Well the IRS might as well have something to do seeing as how they have no taxes to collect from all those wealthy people.  Collecting large sums of money can keep you pretty busy.  Repossessing an unemployed person's car takes much less time.

And those cheeky state GOPers, aren't they a gas?  I hear the Minnesota GOP wants to make it a crime for a person getting public assistance to carry more than $20 in cash.  Makes sense,  I mean we wouldn't want them to get mugged right?  Because that is taxpayer money they are getting beat up over.  And then there is Wisconsin, the state with all the ungodly wealthy teachers, firefighters and police officers.  Got to put a stop to that.  Those corporate CEOs can't be upstaged, that would be a travesty.  Wait, corporate CEO's make much more than $40,000 a year?  Well who would have thunk it.

To be fair, the President hasn't been much help either.  Apparently bombing Libya takes precedence over keeping people in America from losing their homes and starving.  Don't get me wrong, I voted for the guy and all seeing how he was much better than the alternative.  I mean who really wanted Clueless Barbie a heartbeat (literally in McCain's case) away from the Presidency.  But he could, you know, mention the jobless crisis once in a while, just so everyone doesn't forget there are 15 million people with no jobs in this country.  At least for those who care anyway.  And those who but for the grace of God are not in my shoes.  It can happen in a split second, let me tell you, and last for a very very long time. 

Well it doesn't matter anyway.  Glenn Beck says it is the end of the world.  So why worry?  Gee I feel so much better now.


  1. Don't forget about Iowa. Our new Gov. and Republican controlled house campaigned on creating jobs. Instead, they have been working hard to eliminate gay marriage, eliminate a woman’s right to have an abortion, discontinue state funded preschool for 4 year olds, eliminate restrictions on who can carry a gun, and eliminate the IA Power Fund. I don’t see how any of these actions will create jobs. Many of these actions will decrease employment. In fact, the IA Power Fund, which provides funding for alternative energy projects and manufacturers, is credited for making IA #2 in the nation in alternative energy production. I guess we don’t need jobs and don’t need to invest in new ways to meet the energy demands of the USA.

  2. Yes I know about Iowa, I have a friend who lives there. Here in Missouri, the Senate is refusing to accept federal money to extend UI for those who have not received the full 99 weeks. The GOP clearly is declaring war on the American working class.