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Monday, February 7, 2011

The Sky is Falling and Chicken Little is no longer a Bird.

The Albert Pujols negotiations are not going well.  So the media tells us. The media that is under a media blackout with regard to the Pujols negotiations.  Amazing.

Well, I have reliable sources telling me that not only are the negotiations going nowhere, but Pujols agent Don Lozano has changed his cell phone number and Albert recently sent John Mozeliak an autographed Yankees jersey with a matching scarf.

Seriously though, what are the possible scenarios here?  One, the Cardinals sign Pujols before the deadline and everything is hunky dorey (depending of course on how much the Cardinals have to cough up so we may have to revisit the hunky dorey thing).  Two, the Cardinals sign Pujols at the end of the season before he hits FA, thus hunky dorey also (see caveat above).  Three, Pujols changes his mind about being traded and the Cardinals trade him for half of the Phillies starting lineup and Roy Halladay. Or, four, Pujols signs with another team and the Cardinals go on without him.  This last scenario comes with its own list of possible outcomes which I don't plan to touch with a pole of any length.

As a Cardinals fan the idea of Pujols playing for another team disturbs me.  As a person who has been unemployed for two years and facing the possibility of living in a homeless shelter, the idea of paying Pujols 30 million dollars makes me want to give him the fastest ride out of town on a rail (tarring and feathering optional)  On the other hand, if Bill Dewitt (insert number here) is laughing and counting his money in the Cayman Islands, then my only option appears to be to accept it, wish Pujols well, and never grace the inside of Busch Stadium again while Bill Dewitt et al continues to own the Cardinals.  Of course living in a homeless shelter would sort of make that a given, but I digress.

Ok so what's your point you ask?  My point is that baseball is a game and life is not.  You want to agonize over something agonize over the tragedies unfolding every day in this country and across the world.  Agonize over poverty and violence. Agonize over things that matter.

I have my own problems to agonize over and Pujols ain't one of them.

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